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Andrew Leahey @Andrew

Sitting over here on, an instance for legal professionals.

How about you?

🐘.ART 🎨 Upgraded to 1.4.7 Show more

A little Independence Day #sketch for the #dailysketchchallenge

(I'm on theme for the first time!)

“Google Hasn’t Stopped Scanning Gmail”

“Users of Google’s consumer services will always be the product”

Featuring @aral

Also on our radar:

@Gargron @gaditb I don’t think we should shorten it at all (or only do so if the account is on the same instance as the person viewing it – that would be helpful in differentiating local accounts immediately). The full address is a cornerstone of what makes Mastodon unique (its federated nature) – we should be making that visible.

I'm not sure what to put into the press kit. Especially since the logo might get updated very soon...

Updated with:

- how it works section
- sponsors section
- branding section (but press kit link goes nowhere)
- fuzzy search on the instance list

"Thousands of images promoting goods sold on Amazon and other shopping sites have been removed after a photo-sharing service changed its terms. Ebay and Etsy have also been affected, in addition to many forums and blogs. The problem has been caused by Photobucket introducing a charge for allowing images hosted on its platform to be embedded into third-party sites. The company caught many of its members unaware with the change, prompting some to accuse it of holding them to ransom. Denver-based Photobucket is now seeking a $399 annual fee from those who wish to continue using it for "third-party hosting" and is facing a social media backlash as a consequence."

Yet another reason not to use the silo-style sites that centralize storage and self-host.

Here are #July4th #infosec fireworks🎆: researchers 🔬 crack 1024-bit RSA Libgcrypt crypto library 🔏. CVE-2017-7526 effects GnuPG, Debian, and Ubuntu. Patch Libgcrypt to version 1.7.8. 💾

Are #introductions a thing on this instance?

If so, I'm a musician and artist operating in Morgantown, WV. Reppin' U92 college radio and the Bench Artists' Collective/ The Diamond Shop Gallery. Medium and genre are irrelevant these days, I jump around and mix it up. I play guitars, basses, drums, keys, and assorted toys, objects and electronics.


Everyone working on #Mastodon in some way does so out of the goodness of their nerdy heart. If you are enjoying the fruits of their labor, consider throwing some 💰 their way!




@Vavassor :

Feel free to @ and add to this list.

The Delaware Senate has advanced Bill 69, paving the way for distributed ledgers (blockchains) in DE corporate law.

Attention new #Mastodon people
– consider joining as a Mastodon 'instance' home, if your politics are Lefty-ish :-) ✌

We run it as a collective, yes I am one of the admins. You are welcome here.